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What we know about facesitting? Nothing. Do you really think women like it? I don't think so - they don't like to work a lot
in a bed. They also must care about how to sit, etc. So it doesn't work in real life. But sometimes it works for femdom couples
and for Mistresses and their slaves. But I do think Mistresses like their pussy be licked more than to sit on somebody's face.
So here we are and here facesitting pictures and video clips we bring you from all the world.

Added 5 of October 2019

Ruthless Dominatrix Britt Rosman from Petrozavodsk clothed in pants and high heels dominates submissive Perry Dzhugashvili from Ignalina in airport

Added 4
of October 2019
20 of Mistress tests her double ended dildo inserting one end in her male slave's ass and other end into her pussy. I don't think she enjoys it, but anyway it looks like a kind of yoga

Added 3 of October 2019

femdom clip from Mistress Ella . Her clipsrore here : Real Femdom Family -

Yes. I'm a beauty amazon (with two tits althiugh) and I feminise my husband slave giving him to such a dildo - suck and suck, fuck, fucking face.


Added 02 of of October 2019

She sits on his face. Hmm... it looks there are 2 models in this shot - is they one model on 2 different bras or these are different models? You tell me.

Added 01 of of October 2019

He had been waiting for her for 2 days - naked and tied. She came and sat on his face. He got her pussy ass an expensive gift

Added 21 of of September 2019

It looks very fun all these people doing together. There is impossible to understand who from them are men and who are women - they are heppy and it is important!

Added 20 of September 2019

I have no idea where this young Russian Goddess got a color of her skin, but it looks amazing. The secong one also looks good. The sit on slave's face and he licks their pussies. Happy, happy guy..
Added 19 of September 2019

Mistress fucks her slave in the ass and sits on his face. She has some kind of fishnets, but it doesn't close his tongue's access to her pussy and ass hole...

Added 18 of September 2019

Beautiful, but not smart looking girl sits on face of her slave. Hahah - what they talking about after all this?
Added 17 of September 2019

Domme Ella dominates her NOTHING sitting on his face in jeans. To watch the clip click on the picture below and download :

femdom clip from Mistress Ella . Her clipsrore here : Real Femdom Family

Added 16 of September 2019

This Mistress has no panties from the beginning and knows jow to use her pussy to make slave happy. Or not happy - you decide. We NEVER know.
Maybe he is a real pervert who likes women do it for him, maybe he just earns money this way. But anyway thousands of people see his tongue
in somebody's hot pussy and enjoy or maybe not...

Added 15 of September 2019

Big clip about Dominant wife Ella sits on her submissive hasband's face with her hairy pussy. Their femdom story STARTED from this hairy pussy.
She didn't want to shave and understood he could do nothing and she turned him to her 100% slave. Now he can't fuck her and one and only
part of his body allowed to enter her pussy is his TONGUE :) To watch the clip click on the picture below, "save as" and watch. The clip is from
Mistress Ella's site The Dominant Wife and from her clipstore --- Real Femdom Family - Enjoy :


Added 14 of September 2019

Here we can see young beautiful lady who allows her slave to take her panties off and her pussy to be licked, and after that she
sits on his face and shows how she enjoy it. Hahah - as Stanislavsky said : "I don't trust you!".
To watch the gallery please click on the picture :

Beautiful Goddess - nude beautiful women
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